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Site Of the Moment:
Gemara Manor
Gemara is an equestrian academy located in Lexington, Kentucky. We're an all levels rp site with a low word count and friendly staff.

Rank Site In Out
MMORPG warofhell game
1746 2608

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

cimoron island
1521 15187

An active, unique horse rpg.
Withering Tales } original war horse rpg
572 6034
Which side do you choose: those of the Lights struggling to protect their homeland; the Darks who're bickering and fighting amongst themselves; or the Neutrals who conjure a rebellion.
Helovia: The Way to the Sun
432 8484

Helovia: The Way to the Sun is an active and friendly mythical equine rpg. There are always interesting plots going on, and the story is very member-driven. Come join us today, we love new members!
Look to the Stars
404 1291

We are an intermediate+ fantasy equine roleplay. Come explore the land of Elysium with your fellow equines! Take part in site plots and member quests to advance your character's story.
Dreams of the Wild
370 9549

A semi realistic wild horse role-play, DOTW was founded in January 2006 and has a 200 word minimum count. The Wild is now at war, two factions seeking to overthrow the other. Who will you choose?
Island of Rymm
369 4264
The most active RPG of 2012, the Island of Rymm is a place where realism is the key to our almost fantasy world.
352 429

EV is a real life equestrian based RP. Set in the fictional town of Hollis Woods there are multiple barns and disciplines to choose from.
Twists 'N Turns
273 3445

Twists 'N Turns is an intermediate to advance roleplay that is plot-driven by the characters. We are primarily realistic; however, there are hints of mystery, lore, and myth.
238 1029

WildWhispers is a semi-realistic literate equine roleplay with friendly staff and an easy minimum word count of 100.

Come join us!
233 1721
A wild horse rpg with the unique option of having a raven friend as well. We welcome all levels of rpers and have no word count requirments.
Tir Dearthair
195 431
Tir Dearthair is a fantasy world with mystical, bondable equines. It is unique - with species, lands, and RP opportunities you won't find anywhere else.
wild equines } a semi realistic equine rpg.
192 3382
Wild Equines has been around since May of '07. Our staff and members are excellent! We welcome new members with open arms, trying our best to offer help in every way we can. With over 100+ members, w
Present Darkness
185 454
Present Darkness is a fun,friendly, and active multi-species RP. All levels, 75 word min, staff and royalty positions open, includes extensive store, and an open plot with smaller sub-plots
183 3614
Featuring Western and English events, Crossfire Farms hosts friendly staff and members, and a welcoming atmosphere!
See You At The Show
175 2131
See You At The Show is an equestrian & town based roleplay set over 3 neighbouring towns in New South Wales, Australia. There are a wide range of disciplines provided, such as showjumping, dressage, c
Hollow Aspen
159 1036
Three teams. One trophy. You do the math.
Blue Ridge Academy//
153 2611
Blue Ridge, Kentucky. Home to one of the most prestigous academy's in the United States. Drama flourishes like wildflowers, rumors hide behind every door, and true love walks out of the blue sky. Can
Black Hollow
152 497
Black Hollow is a brand new fantasy equine role play .
Run Like The Wind v.5; Sanctity
151 980
RLTW one of the first Dark vs. Light equine RPGs, and is still one of the best. We have been open for seven years straight with no signs of slowing down!
135 1110
a unique multi-species rpg where felines, canines and equines have resurrected the ancient civilizations of old and renewed the taste for conquest.
Night Sky Equines
133 2960
A semi-realistic horse rpg, we are a friendly community with a love of writing and epic character driven adventures.
128 1429
A unique and welcoming horse RPG; Horses are mutating after years of genetic testing and nuclear war. Isolated in a large caldera, life is starting over. Post-Apocalyptic. New. Original.
Wild Roaming Horse
123 1964
a wild horse RPG with a friendly staff and a helpful community. Come join us!
Nightmares Past
114 44
We are a small town supernatural wild horse roleplay. Lots of character options for your animals (humans included in that)! Open to any and all levels of roleplaying!
Aspire Equine Academy
107 1859
Land of Beless
91 591
This is a friendly community that is newly opened. We are a realistic horse rpg at the moment and ready to get going!
The Circuit
87 1456
Welcome to fifty five private acres of professional equine heaven, where The Circuit is what we live, breath and love. Five Star LLC is an A rated private hunter jumper training stable located in Manhattan, New York. We offer top notch facilities, trainer
79 556
Wild horses have been a source of inspiration and wonder for thousands of years. Join us at EQ and feel the power for yourself!
75 927
Cavallo is a brand NEW wild horse rpg that is open to all levels. We have many unique aspects as well as a catchy plot line that will keep everyone on their toes. Come See For Yourself Now!
Tabula Rasa
72 1380
Tabula Rasa is an equestrian university RPG that caters to all riders.
Foxtail Stables
71 915
Foxtail Stables is a new equestrian roleplay. It is full of great people and great plots!
69 866
Horse riding academy rpg that welcomes all!
Go Hardcore
62 1321
Go Hardcore is a competitive riding academy rpg. Set in North Carolina, USA.
Villages of Clayalitay ~ Elemental Horse RP
61 1138
The world has fallen into chaos. Join the Villages of Everlasting Earth, Fierce Fire, Raging Water, and Anonymous Air to control the elements and fight for survival! Prepare yourself for the greatest
58 440
We are a horse/human RPG where you can easily keep the species separate or chaotically combine them to suit your preference. Join us today!
A Path to be Chosen
56 865
An Avatar: The Last Airbender based horse rpg. A site wide plot will take place as soon as we get enough members. You don't have to know Avatar in order to play, just the love of horse elemental rp.
51 1497
The time has come to make a stand. The time has come for the realms to unite. The time is now... Avatai V4. Into Darkness. Since 2006
50 1343
A unique wild equine experience, as well as staff members that let the members vote on site changes! Low member count right now, meaning there's plenty of room for your character to jump in an become
The Cimarron Hearts
47 1701
A active human/horse roleplay where you can play as a human, horse or even a wild horse. TCH is a very friendly community and is welcome to roleplayers of all levels. We require a low word count of 10
47 758
Eidolon is a new up and coming RPG experience. Choose from several species to play, create your own pack or herd, gain experience and level your characters, and take part in our original plot.
Spirit Away
47 102
The Fourteenth Age is dawning as two herds take over opposite corners of the kingdom. Will war engulf the new arrivals, or will peace finally be made? Join us and our friendly members in this journey!
healing horses, healing hearts
45 48
In the small town of Green Lake, Alberta; population 600 things have always been about the ranch life, mostly cattle but some ranches are all about horses. One such ranch is Healing Hearts Ranch, a r
43 205
An active fantasy equine forum that allows intermediate to advanced role-players to create their characters with absolutely no limitations on their imagination.
Watercrest Heights Stables
42 1537
Watercrest Heights Stables is a very active, unique stable rpg. We have friendly staff and members and new contests, skins, and updates often! Canons are still available!
39 770
With the old leaders dead, the lands of Tramenier now stand without kings. The peace between the two species still stands, but for how long? Enter to read more! [Brand new]
38 321
we're cool and active, not your normal lights/neutrals/darks. Instead we're scallywags, enophoras, shimonus and syodusae!
get dreads or horns for your character, even decorate your land with tiki to
37 792
Ethopia is a realistic wild equine role playing site. It is a new and friendly site looking for new members. No site wide plot that everyone needs to participate in!
Neon Dreams --- I R I T H O P I A
36 1191
A brand new immortal/mortal horse rpg. Open for all levels of rpers. Lands are available for claim and there is also staff opportunities!
JAD Riding Academy
35 1459
Welcome to JAD Riding Academy!

Found in the foothills of Alberta, Canada is a place called JAD Riding Academy. Here is an environment that is everything someone could wish for. There are horses, and

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