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Black Hollow
Black Hollow is a brand new fantasy equine role play .

Rank Site In Out
35 1129
Arquelle is a new, unique mythical equine roleplay board. We're active and super friendly, so come join us!
Equine Lands
35 202
Equine Lands is a brand new, realistic horse RP! Located on an island, horses roam the land, their minds set on survival.
Will you join the quest?
33 677
Welcome to Cedar Creek, Tennessee, a small equestrian town that revolves around drama, gossip, and rivalries. We are brand new and currently looking for active members to pick things up!
32 906
The horses here are divided by Alliances, by their beliefs in the Creators...and an ongoing war has, literally, ripped the land apart. We're int.-adv. and expect at least 250 word posts.
29 338
Welcome to Circtus, a dark, demeaning world of sadistic horses, and power hungry monarchs. Everywhere you turn some horse lay dead, a pool of blood surrounding what was left of their pathetic life.
c h a o s
28 356
an active, new, unicorn role play centered around the devastation of from the elder dragon who has risen the dead in order to take over chaos.
27 236
A new intermediate to advanced semi-realistic wild horse rpg. Experienced members & staff, easy character form. no sample post required, monthly contests, active, mature, and friendly community.
h y s t e r i a
25 921
hysteria defined by:craze: state of violent mental agitation ,come prove yourself in this state of violence join the dark side.
accepeting all level's although almost all of our member's post over a 200+ word count.
25 813
A semi-realistic wild horse rp offering an interactive site-wide plot that leaves quite a bit to the imagination, a bit of fantasy on the site which inclues twin gods and prophets, set upon a chain of isles and including not just large breeds of horse but
Unbroken Horses
25 750
You are galloping across a vast meadow. Your hooves strike the ground in a rapid four beat rhythm and your heart matches your daggers' pace. You are wild and free. . . Who will you be?
Equine Paradise
25 981
Welcome to Equine Paradise, a Wild Horse RPG for beginner to advanced roleplayers. EP is a new site, and is in need of some more members! Many positions are up for grabs, including ones for land, staf
Willow Creek Academy
24 755
Willow Creek Academy is one of the top five Equestrian Boarding Schools in Canada. Grand Re-opening!
23 82
Ravos is a semi-realistic fantasy equine RPG that allows players to choose elements and follow Gods based on those elements. There are auditionable God positions open!
Never Surrender
23 248
What we know now is all because of them. They gave us free reign, and we changed everything.
Household Enemies
23 123
From rodents to equines, this various animal RPG is open and waiting for new members.
Shikari Cove
23 52
Shikari Cove is a new rpg that combines high school, college, and competitive stable. We are looking for active members.
22 724
Brand-new, realistic horse RPG. Friendly and active staff. Come check us out! you won't be sorry you did.
Sunrise Haven EC
21 277
Sunrise Haven Equestrian Center is a large hunter/jumper/equitation facility located outside of Tampa Florida in a made up town called Brookaire.
19 486
the racing industry follows every aspect of the racing world, in their everyday lives, as they strive to make a name for themselves and to simply be the best of the best.
19 260
19 648
Enter a world far out of the reach of humans, where horses rule as the dominate species. Find your Alliance. Are you a Dark, a Light, a Neutral or are you a Rouge? Join us and find out!
Seven Oak Stables
18 1430
A literate stables/town and university rpg. It's an open plot site where members are welcome to create their own plots with their characters.
18 336
a unique wild horse role play, that features living equines, as well as the group of undead zombie
17 2
Otaminn is a semi-realistic, mature, play-by-post, liquid time, member driven horse RPG with no human involvement whatsoever. We have no plot, our stories completely rely on the members.
Memory Keepers
17 468
A literate, High fantasy horse role-play. There's a constant power struggle and the constant fear of what's to come.... Care to find out?
Coventry Hills
17 738
A barn full of beautiful, talented, very expensive horses. Expansive, immaculate grounds and picturesque trails straight out of a Dover catalog. Talented, dedicated trainers with a passion for the spo
Elplain Valley
16 127
Elplain Valley is a post to play literate fantasy horse RPG game, all members over the age of 13 are welcome. The site is brand new and will hopefully continue to develop as more members join.
Beauty Of Our Lives
16 536
Hi, we are a An Equestrian And Wild Horse rp. We offer both English and Western riding, ranches, schools, wild horse herd and much more!.

Hope you will join us!

Westbrook Farm
15 12
• an equestrian center roleplay • no word count • general plot •
15 822
Asperia is a unique fantasy equine roleplay with tons of species to choose from. We're a welcoming, active community - come and join us!
14 349
Nox is an intermediate-level fantasy equine roleplay that focuses on different herds with varying beliefs. We don't restrict your imagination in creating your character, so have fun with it! Come and see for yourself. <3
The Winds of Delacor
14 227
A fantasy wild horse rpg that encourages literacy as well as small posts for a fun, active, stress-free environment. Also, we have cookies.
After Thought
14 569
An equine RP based on a life after death for horses. Where active, friendly, and always looking for new members! So come check us out!
Herds of the Wild
14 822
We are a wild equine RPG. We are not light v. dark themed, and we have a short application. So please, join today!
Inspire the Fallen
14 505
Active, Elemental role-play. Friendly members and staff, Open god and leader positions.
Flying For Home
14 548
Flying for Home (FFH) is a simulated Thoroughbred racing game.

If you decide to join us let them know Neela sent you C:
``In Ecstasy
13 627
Three tribes. One aim: eradicate the opposition.
Ironstone Farms
13 544
Ironstone Farms is a equine boarding school roleplay with a Harry Potter twist. Earn points for your house my participating in shows, or doing things deemed worthy around the stables. ISF now offers Western disciplines as well!
Horse Country
12 61
welcome to kentucky, bluegrass state, home of the kentucky derby and home of the horse capital of the world. any insider looking out wouldn't see how much work goes into these horses and sports, the
The North
12 619
A realistic wild horse rpg set in the North of Australia, in the wild kimberley region.
11 102
Withering leaves crunched under hooves of an emerging wonder - A beautiful beast laced in divine shades of purity and young wisdom. Each step she takes is another sign of restoring life to the new ear
11 132
Syllfamere is a semi-realistic equine rpg set on a vast island lost at sea.
Gemara Manor
11 461
Gemara is an equestrian academy located in Lexington, Kentucky. We're an all levels rp site with a low word count and friendly staff.
Forma Silvestris
11 138
A unique equine roleplay. Established in 2011, it is now on it's second version. An evil Dictator has taken over, and with the plot ever shifting - how can you impact the plot? Every character could
Equus Paradise
11 481
A unique Mythical&Wild equine roleplay game that takes time in the medieval times of the 12th century.
Magic is at power and evil is rising to control over it
fight good and destroy the paradise world
Foxtail Creek Stables
10 320
Foxtail Creek Stables is a realistic horse and rider roleplay set in the fantasy town of Harissbury, Virginia. We have no word count but encourage more than 100 words per post. There are weekly shows
Rescue Race 3.0
10 250
Find fellow players who care about horses as much as you do as you dive into the world of Rescue Race. Rescue horses and with gentle care bring them back around to their full potential.
Tainted Paradise V.2
10 164
200 years have passed since the Gods trapped the cursed horses within their lands, and they have passed in peace. Now the Gods are considering releasing them from their curse, thus ending their punish
Brass Ring Equestrian Center
10 238
Brass Ring Equestrian Center is a premier riding school near Lebanon, Pennsylvania for ambitious juniors aiming for the top of the hunter/jumper world.
MoonLight Equines
9 407
MoonLight Equines is a Realistic horse RPG we are new and are hungry for members, feel free to take a look and hopefully Join

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